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About Us

The Place is birthed out of Vista Assembly of God as a New Church Plant in the Community of Bonsall and Fallbrook. Brad Griswold, pastor of this start up, had a radical salvation in 1996 at his soon-to-be home church "Vista Assembly of God". During the past 23 years God has transformed Brad, a man who once was bound up with drug and identity issues, into a man who understands and embraces the Good news. God, by His Grace, has been changing him into the man He created him to be - a man who understands first hand the sorrow and loneliness of poor life choices; a man who is compelled to show how Jesus, by His Spirit, can change anyone, no matter what they think or believe. He has witnessed this numerous times; he experienced this himself.


Early Beginnings

  In February 2011 while worshiping at a small church in Vaudruil, Quebec, Canada, - Brad had a miraculous encounter with the Lord that brought him to his knees in humility and tears. He heard the small still voice of God saying “ I’ve called you to Preach”. The Place emerged from that calling. In obedience to the “Call” Brad went to the Southern California Assembly of God School of Ministry for three years and completed the required curriculum to become ordained. He is an ordained minister of the Gospel with the Assemblies of God.

God gave a desire to be a pastor in Brad’s heart and is currently enrolled in Vanguard University, studying religion and leadership.

Our Target Group

  To engage the Lost, Hurting & Hopeless with the Good News of God’s Grace. To welcome those who have felt neglected, rejected and misunderstood.

We desire to be a “place” that welcomes all - no questions asked! God’s desire is to reach these people, those who are lost in this world with no true purpose in life, with the understanding of who they are - in His eyes. A people who see their life with no value, no worth, or no significance. Also, to show people that have great guilt, no matter the circumstances, are forgiven and accepted in the Beloved (God’s family). So, we also need help. Feel called to help? We sure could use some help.



  We are affiliated with the Assemblies of God. Our Pastor, Brad Griswold, is an ordained Assembly of God minister. He studied at the SoCal School of Ministry and completed the 3 years of schooling for ordination. He also holds a C-54 license for tile installation. His wife Debbie, is a realtor with Keller Williams. We both have a passion for people, ALL PEOPLE! We continued to work in our professional fields as we established this new church start-up. In March of 2019, Brad became a full time pastor, available 5 days a week. The official launch of this church was Easter Sunday 2015 though we had been having church services in our home since May 2014. The desire we have is to help others understand that "They Matter." Too many people are lost in the shuffle of life and its challenges. We offer a friendly, home style environment but have moved our location to downtown Fallbrook. Our hope is in the only true Hope - Jesus Christ. We share real and relevant messages of the miraculous working power of Christ and how we can be set free from the obstacles that overwhelm us. Our vision is for people. Come as you are. Join us in our walk. No expectations. No regulations of how to act or what to do. Come experience the good news of Jesus Christ. He loves you and wants to change the way you think about God! Come hear our excitement of the good news! And bring an appetite. We always have lots of food. Good Food! Homemade! If you are looking for a Place to call your home, come to The Place. We believe you will like what you hear and like the people who will welcome you with open arms. Just as you are!

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