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What We Believe

The Bible is the inspired word of God - 2 Timothy 3:16
God exists as Father, Son & Holy Spirit - Matthew 28:19
Jesus, the son of God, is a once and for all perfect sacrifice, there is nothing we can do to add to it, no works necessary. 1 Corinthians 15:3
The Holy Spirit is present in our world to make all aware of our need for Jesus. He also indwells all believers to provide Power, Comfort & Direction. - Acts1:8
Salvation - A free gift to all from God by placing your faith in Jesus Christ. - Ephesians 2:8
Baptism in the Holy Spirit is an experience distinct from being reborn (born again). It comes with power for life, for service to others & challenges one faces in this life. - Mark 16:20
Divine Healing - God still heals today. - Matthew 8:16,17


Core Values

We live outside the box

All things to all people.

Preaching of the Bible is positive and uplifting  Raw & Real.
Live in Grace

Others before ourselves.
Everything is an experiment

Let’s try it if He is leading it.
Eating brings unity 

Weekly meals together, as a family would do We grow as a group - together as His Body.
We pray, He answers

A life with prayer is essential.
All are welcome to join

So bring someone. Multiplication by Personal invitation as we reach out to family, friends and community involvement.


For all to understand how valuable they are
You Matter to God He Loves you and wants to have a personal alliance with you - John 3:16
You Matter to Us We aren’t complete without you. - Romans 12:3-8 You Matter to Others - They need to hear the Good News - Mark 16:15-1819



In Our Services there will be...

A Place to create an informal setting with a warm & welcoming atmosphere of acceptance no matter where you are in the economy of Life.
A Place where people feel valued, precious and loved by God and by each other - Worship
A safe Place to "come as you are” - Fellowship
A Place for Healing and Restoration - Prayer
A Place of “Hope” - Prophetic words of encouragement
A Place to live life together in a supportive community of Believers and Non-Believers - Evangelism
A Place to encourage our Fellowship of Believers to understand, develop and use their God-given gifts and talents - Discipleship

In Our Community...
A positive influence to civic leaders
A helping hand to those in need (physical or Spiritual), regardless of their present circumstances
A resource for one on one involvement
Get involved in existing community organizations

In Our World...
Support Missionaries financially
Support Children through Latin America Childcare Involvement with short term Missions Outreach

We Dream of Being

A venue where the Gifts of God are in practice, by all His followers, for His Glory
An atmosphere of excellence - in Worship, in giving, in following Jesus

A safe haven to those who need one
An environment where you can bring someone, anyone and they will feel accepted
An influence in our community
Real and relevant with the Good News of Jesus Christ
A training ground for leaders to emerge
where we live life without pios "holier than thou" religious hypocrisy. A Fellowship that is Welcoming
Where all are embraced with Gods’ unconditional love.
the place you would call your home church

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