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The weather is changing...are you?

As we enter the fall season, the days are shorter, the air is crisp and the holidays are looming. Is that all that is changing in your life? Do you still view the winter solstice with apprehension or are you excited for the change? I love the calming of the days, the extension of the nights and the opportunity to experience, once again, the uniqueness that is winter. Too often as we age, we start to complain about things that haven't yet happened, but because of our experiences, we expect them to happen again. WE expect it to be "worse" than before. Today, I want to remind you, the future is in God's hand. Trust Him and be excited for what is about to happen. Who knows, it might be the best wintertime you've ever had...or the's really up to you and how you see it. For me, I love this time of year, and I expect this will be the best one yet!

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